I am Alice Chen, a girl currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Art & Design at the University of Leeds. Growing up, I've been very in touch with various forms of the arts, including visual, performance, and literary arts. My curious nature prompts me to engage in as many disciplines as possible, which has led me onto an adventurous and multidisciplinary path to the arts. 

Amongst the wide spectrum of the areas I engage in, I specialise in new media (photography, film, sound) and illustration. Through the many years of art creation, my work often addresses issues surrounding the relationship between human psychology and the arts, in addition to social issues. However, the aforementioned specialisations and topics of interest do not completely represent the entirety of my outlook on the arts. I hope to constantly experiment, explore, and challenge myself personally, as well as artistically, in order to truly become the impactful, motivating, and inspiring artist I aim to be.