Drifting Places

Duration: 05:00

Dimensions: 1280x720

Directed, written, filmed, and edited by: Alice Chen

Assistant cameraperson: Cassie Lien


Alice Chen

Daniel Winstanley

Muhammad Hasan

Suaia Agi Anlaue 

Music by: 

Emeli Sande

The Beatles

Tom Misch


Portuguese, English, Tamil, Mandarin


This film employs psychogeography to examine the effects of our environments, circumstances, and experiences can affect identity. With this, I aim to showcase the different perspectives and emotions people could have towards the same places. Through this process, I am interested in examining how a person's unique identities could affect his/her outlooks of the world. 

To illustrate the main idea, visual, figurative, and audio aspects have been utilised. Visually, the styling of each actor was purposefully designed to symbolise their personalities; figuratively, poems were composed in their perspectives to represent their identities; in terms of the audio aspect, different languages have been utilised to show the effect of language on one's thought processes. From this, I wish to emphasise the importance of introspection and outward observation.

Photos & Drawings:

Daniel Winstanley
Daniel Winstanley

Daniel Winstanley
Daniel Winstanley

Daniel Winstanley
Daniel Winstanley