Duration: 03:25

Dimensions: 1920x1080

Directed, written, filmed, and edited by: Alice Chen


"Before starting to work on any project, I would always have this voice in my head that questions all the work I've done in the past. I'd feel that everything I had achieved was the result of mere luck, and this would contribute towards the growing doubts I have in moving forward with the next project."

"And I'm scared that people would find out that I'm actually not as capable, organised, creative, or (insert any adjective here), as they see me."

This piece centres around the topic of Imposter Syndrome, which, according to Psychology Today, is a "psychological term referring to a pattern of behavior where people doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent, often internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud." I want to use this video to express my own struggles and visually document a desire for mental clarity.

In the society that we live in today, we're often faced with countless expectations, whether they are stated aloud or not. Stress would always accompany the feelings of inadequacy in living up to the "expectations", or labels might be a more accurate description to what they are. With this, some of us would often feel like imposters trying to fit in and trying to present a consistent self to everyone around. However, in my opinion, these masks and facades are actually created by ourselves. In reality, most people, with some interaction, already can see us (or part of us) for who we really are. This may sound ridiculous, but have you guys ever looked at recorded video of you or listened to your recorded audio and think, "do I really look/sound like that?! There is NO WAY I'm like this." With this simple situation, we could already tell that we usually have a comparatively different view on ourselves than what others have about us. And this, is the works of our own "ego".

This video utilises a rather exaggerated method in portraying that constant struggle with ego, and it shows the necessity of putting it on a reset (shift in mindset), rather than "killing the ego", in acquiring the mental clarity that we look for.